Total drainable - Rectangular - Cylindric - Under pressure - Accessories

PE blow molding tank

Cylindrical tank

Cylindrical tank PEHD storage tank
Flat bottom or total draining
500 to 5000L
Including accessories

Rectangular tank

Rectangular PEHD storage tank
1000 to 5000L
Including accessories

On design PE tank

On design PE tank

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Level management panel

Level management panel for a storage tank equipped with switch and automatic valve

Float Level switch

Float Level switch

CO2 / Acid vapor trap

CO2 and Acid vapor trap
From 1.5 to 15m3/h

Bio-X High Flow Air Filters

Bio-X High Flow
Capsule to screw on tank
From 2.5” to 5″
0.01µm air filtration

Pressure tank

GTU Pressure tank

Steel + stainless steel tank
Food Butyl bladder
25 to 500 liters
3/4″ to 1″1/4

Hydropneumatic tanks

Composite tank
Without bladder but air injection
114 to 454 liters

Pressurized reservoir Wellmate

Composite tank
Polyurethane bladder
55 to 1022 liters
1″ to 2″


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