Iron - Manganese removal

Pyrolusite - IronMix - Clack / Multivalves

Iron Removal Pyrolusite multi-valves ECO

Iron Removal Pyrolusite multi-valves ECO

Iron Removal Pyrolusite multi-valves ECO
Multi-vannes F-ECO-MV-PY-S
Simplex automatic
2.0 to 30m3/h

Iron removal pyrolusite filters

WS Automatic Iron Removal Pyrolusite Filters

Iron removal pyrolusite filters
Clack valves WS100, WS125, WS150, WS200
Simplex or duplex
0.79 to 10.18m3/h

Industrial iron & manganese removal filter

Iron-Mix Clack valves

Industrial iron-mix clack valves
Clack valves
Simplex & Duplex
24 à 612 Liters of resin

Removal filter on demand

Removal filter on demand

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Manganese removal :

Manganese and iron in water are often the source of deposits clogging pipes, blocking solenoid valves or ineffective water disinfection.

Removing iron and manganese from water is essential for the durability of certain equipment. In addition to coloring the water and giving it a bad smell, they have strong consequences on the network

Adh2oc Industrial propose a range of de-manganisers / iron removers allows to eliminate the excess of manganese and iron present in water, according to its concentrations and the flow to be treated.

These processes are used for all applications where water with low iron, manganese and hardness content is required.