Nitrate removal

Industrial Clack

Industrial Clack

Denitrifier Duplex WS 1.00TT

Industrial Denitrifier Duplex
Clack Valve WS1TT
Duplex Production
100 to 225 Liters of resin

Denitrifier Duplex WS 1.00

Industrial Denitrifier Simplex / Duplex
Clack WS1.00
Duplex Production
12.5 to 150 Liters of resin
0.6 to 4.4m3/h

Denitrifier Simplex WS 1.25

Industrial Denitrifier Simplex / duplex
Clack Valve WS1.25
Simplex Production
75 to 250 Liters of resin
3.7 to 8.1m3/h

Denitrifier Simplex / Duplex WS 1.50

Industrial Denitrifier Duplex / simplex
Clack Valve WS1.50
Duplex Production
100 to 350 Liters of résine
5 to 9.2m3/h

Denitrifier Simplex/Duplex WS 2.00

Industrial Denitrifier simplex / duplex
Clack Valve WS2.00 CI
Simplex or Duplex Production
300 to 1400 Liters of resin
9 to 26m3/h

Nitrate removal on demand

Nitrate removal on demand

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Nitrate removal : 

The denitration process consists of exchanging the nitrate ions contained in the water with sodium ions as it passes through its anion exchange resin tank.

Denitration is used in applications such as the supply of water to livestock, the production of drinking water or any application where low nitrate water is required.

Thanks to our expertise in water treatment, we have selected suitable and effective equipment to reduce the nitrates present in water, whatever the rate and flow to be treated

For an efficient denitration, a complete chemical analysis and a technical study will be carried out beforehand