Specializing in the design and manufacture of water treatment systems.

Who are we ?

ADH2OC INDUSTRIAL, an experienced company, specializing in the design and manufacture of water treatment systems.

For more than 10 years, we propose a complete range of standard components and systems for construction and industry applications.


Our technical team is able to carry out all studies in order to get projects accomplished; starting from small systems standardization up to the development of large industrial units combining all the current technologies and allowing us to guarantee the expected performances under the best possible conditions.

We implement on a daily basis ion exchange technologies (softening, denitration, decarbonatation, demineralization) as well as membrane-based technologies (ultrafiltration, nano-filtration, reverse osmosis, electrodeionization, degassing contactors) for applications in large industries: Food & Bevreage, Energy, Cosmetics, Pharmacy, Automotive, Metal production and processing, surface treatments….

In addition to our standard range of equipments, we can design customized systems or meet particular specifications in order to manufacture on demand.


  • Pre-treatment

    We control pre-treatment process to guarantee optimum operation of our units

  • Purified water

    We offer a standard range for the production of purified water

  • Consumables and Detached pieces

    We stock a large range of consummables and detached pieces for all industrial water applications

Assembly workshop

In addition to our range of standard equipement, we are able to design specific systems to produce custom equipment.

  • Standard units in serie

  • Manufacture custom

  • Stainless steel welding

Technical training

We regularly receive our customers for technical training on our products.

These trainings are intented :

  • To sales teams : knowledge of technology, products
  • To project teams : interface sizing
  • To service teams : operation, after-sales service