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Demineralizors Mixed bed

Demineralizors Mixed bed

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Demineralization with automatic regeneration

Demineralization with automatic regeneration

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Demineralization : 

The industrial demineralisation process removes dissolved ions from water and replaces them with other ions of the same or similar electrical charge (hydrogen H+ or hydroxide OH-) to produce pure water. This is because the salts present can cause many problems in industrial processes such as scaling.

The performance of a demineralisation process depends on the condition of the incoming water, the design of the system, the type of resin used and the type and concentration of the regenerant.

Industrial demineralisers are used in the production of highly demineralised water from mains water and for polishing of osmosis or pre-demineralised water

Adh2oc Industrial offers complete automatic regeneration equipment on skid and demineralisation stations.